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Clear & Simple Prices

We are committed to transparent and simple pricing.

No hidden costs, no surprises on your invoice,

just great value and open, up-front honesty.

Let us help you

We are 100% committed to a transparent and simple pricing policy that offers great value.  In our opinion many funeral directors have had it far too good for far too long and our aim is to beat them all, both on price and on the level of a real personal service that we offer.

The prices you see on this page are the total charges - they include everything

We think this is a policy which every funeral home should follow, in fact this should be written into legislation for our industry.  Our customers are recently bereaved, they are upset and they are vulnerable.  Sadly, many other businesses do not follow this policy and as a result people are paying too much.

We will not charge:

  • to pick up your loved one from their place of death at any time, day or night, from any Milton Keynes address.  Outside of the area we charge £2 per mile for the additional distance.

  • for you to spend time with your loved one at our funeral home in Emerson Valley.  Day or night, weekdays, weekends, public holidays, we will always be there for you.

If you have lost a child under 18,

our fee is waived

We are parents ourselves and really do care about your loss.  Accordingly, we do not charge any professional fees but will work to support your family totally free of charge.  All you will have to pay are disbursements to other parties.​

Let us help you
The price of a funeral

Wherever you purchase a funeral, the price is made up of two parts


1. The funeral director's fee - this is our fee

2. Disbursements - these are payments made to other parties, the cremation or church fees for example

Funeral Directors Fee

From collecting your loved one from their place of death and taking care of them (and you), preparing the required documentation, providing a coffin, arranging everything and giving your family full use of our chapel of rest to visit your loved one, to carrying out the funeral on the day with all professionals in place.  

Our fee covers everything we do to support you in one payment.  This fee is waived if you have lost a child under 18 years of age.

Funeral Dirctor's Fee

These are the most often used disbursements.  A cremation at Crownhill Crematorium, associated doctor's documentation fees and a minister or celebrant to hold your service.

Therefore, the total cost of a typical local cremation funeral with us is £3,220


Below are some examples of bespoke additional services we can offer you.  We feel passionately that family deserves a funeral service appropriate for their loved one, so you will find us very flexible when it comes to those personal touches.

We have excellent relationships with local providers for flowers, printing and many other services.  Call us, chat with us straight from this site or pop in to see how we can help you and your family get the service your loved one deserves.

Any extra touches you want will be organised for you with no additional cost.  No 'admin' charges, no finders fees.  Simple, honest pricing.  Just another way my family will look after yours.

All-inclusive funeral

Everyone deserves an affordable, dignified and respectful funeral.  At Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services we recognise that the costs of a funeral can be daunting and difficult.  In response to that, we have created the below package, our lowest price all-inclusive funeral.

This package includes the same care and attention to detail that we offer every family, including access to our chapel of rest. 


We supply a good quality coffin from our local provider and will hold a short service at our funeral home for up to 12 people, with a minister or celebrant present.

We will provide our hearse for your loved one's final journey to a crematorium with no service or family present.

This reflects our genuine and ongoing efforts to make funeral poverty a thing of the past for everyone who comes to see us.

All-Inclusive Funeral
Price List & Terms
Open pricing, simple terms

We have always operated with a completely open and transparent pricing policy, so were delighted when the Competition and Markets Authority changed the law for our industry to make all firms comply.

To the right, you can download all of the pricing information you see above along with our clear & simple terms of service.

In line with the guidelines for our industry, we do not make donations to institutions with whom we do business.  When the families we support are moved to make gifts, we encourage them to do so directly.

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