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My family, taking care of yours

We felt we could deliver a better, more personal service than the large funeral providers, so after nearly 10 years in the industry we decided to do just that...

Our focus is on genuine family values, because it's our family running the service. 

We are a genuine family-run funeral home, owned by a local family.  My family is here to help yours 24 hours a day and each of our funerals are specifically tailored to the needs of the family we have worked for.  We are here to serve all faiths and cultures with respect and dignity.

We worked hard over the past few years to create and grow this business and have had the honour of serving hundreds of families with our personalised, caring service.  We designed and built our own funeral home in Emerson Valley and manage every aspect of the service ourselves.  The driving force behind this is that we ourselves have seen funeral services which fall far below what we would wish for our own loved ones.  It's simply not acceptable to us that the deceased and their vulnerable, grieving families are not the first priority for any funeral director and so it is our pledge to do things differently.  This is the foundation of our family business.

What we're most proud of are the thoughtful and moving comments that some of our families have written in Google reviews for our business.  We honestly feel the burden of responsibility when we look after your loved ones, and we are gratified that you feel we have done them and you a service.

It says this on every page of our website, but that's because we really mean it:  we genuinely care about getting the very support, the best information, the best value and the very best funeral for 'our families'.  Contact us at any time day or night when you need help, or pop in to our funeral home in Emerson Valley for a chat.  The kettle is never cold!

John, Natalie and Tom.

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