Help during COVID isolation

Since the start of the pandemic, Nat and I have been very busy preparing our business for the changes which the coronavirus could mean to the way we operate. As well as this being a difficult and stressful time for all of us our priority, after our son Tom, has been to ensure that we continue to give the warm and caring service to our clients. But we have also had to ensure that we have done so keeping within the government guidelines and ensuring the safety of the families we are serving.

The guidelines have changed markedly since the start of the crisis and as as an impacted local business we have been consulted and informed throughout.

It would not be wise for me to publish guidance here - it changes rapidly and I am not prepared for out-of-date information on my website to misinform my customers. Instead I would urge you to contact me for help, advice or information about the process following a death under these exceptional circumstances. As with all of my advisory services, they are offered completely free and without obligation.

Nat, Tom and I are wishing all of our 'families' the best during this crisis and we remain ready to serve and support you at any time.

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